Capricorn monkey love horoscope

Multiple relationships are on the cards. People in committed partnerships will have an enjoyable year of Rat. Zodiac predictions for Monkey on financial matters indicate that all big-ticket investments should be avoided. Speculative ventures and gambling are strictly prohibited. Even if you invest, you should do a lot of research and be selective.

People who are dependent on brokerages and commissions in property or insurance are not assured of a steady income. Beware of investments which promise substantial returns. Overseas ventures will prove to be lucrative, and it makes sense to dabble in those projects. Travel for business purposes is likely to give handsome profits.

Health of Monkeys in the year will not pose any serious problems on the health front. There will be minor indispositions which can be taken care of by prompt medical assistance. These are fever and stomach problems. You are likely to feel tired easily, and this can be cured by taking sufficient rest. Particularly professionals and finance people may face some setbacks in their jobs.

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The only remedy is to relax by techniques such as mindfulness, yoga and meditation. You can keep your body and mind in shape by resorting to community service, proper exercise and charity work. Even a leisure trip to a foreign country may help you to remain fit and fine. Lucky Numbers: 2 and 3.

Capricorn Monkey Traits

Lucky Colors: White, Black, Blue. Unlucky Colors: Red , Green.

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Lucky Directions: Southeast, West, Northwest. January will present you with many challenges and your luck is also bad. February wants you to remain peaceful. Time to improve your expertise. March is the time to grab all the chances you are presented.

May will be a period of misfortunes. Wait for things to get resolved. June is the time for good luck and good days are ahead. July wants you to be forceful and take the bulls by the horn. September is a period of swaying fortunes. Keep a low profile. October may offer you chances to stray from your relationships. Hold on to your present partnerships. November will be a bright period and time to party.

December is a period of disappointments. Do not lose heart! Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Unexpectedly for others and even for themselves, this person loses interest in the matter. Such a weakness, though for a short while, gets him out of the rut. No less destructive influence on the relationship of Capricorn-Monkey with others is played by his exorbitant demand.

Sometimes he bends the stick, trying to get people to achieve the ideal result. These people know how to make a good impression: they look elegant, behave flawlessly. Monkey-Capricorns are always in a good mood, cheerful and charming. True, their benevolent attitude still does not mean anything. They are simply well-bred and too smart to spoil relations with their fans. On a love horoscope, Capricorn-Monkey is a frivolous person, does not seek a serious relationship. Famous for his changeable temper, careful in choosing a partner. Having married, Capricorn-Monkey tries to become a good family man.

But he is greedy for new sensations and impressions, he is not indifferent to the opposite sex, he is capable of making a novel on the side. Be happy with a partner who has an easy, non-touching character. The family life of Capricorn-Monkey is rather complicated, there is room for everything: meetings and partings, bright emotions and disappointments. Undoubtedly one thing remains: for the Capricorn-Monkey family is of great value, it gives a sense of stability.

According to the combined horoscope of Capricorn-Monkey — careerists, for them there is nothing sweeter than success. They strive to achieve great heights in the profession. They crave universal recognition, they firmly believe in their abilities. Capricorn-Monkeys are distinguished by diligence, dedication and innovative thinking.

Even their impulsiveness has a positive effect on the final result of the work.

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Do not be afraid of bold experiments, the first to apply new technologies. They easily establish the necessary connections, they are able to organize the work process. Agile, inventive Capricorn-Monkeys can not perform long, monotonous actions. Choose a profession associated with communication and frequent travel. They like to be in the midst of events, and not spend their lives in a close study alone. Many of Capricorn-Monkeys are talented artists, art historians and designers. They show themselves well in political activity: they always have a clear plan of action. It is the ability to wisely manage their forces and time — the keystone to the success of Capricorn-Monkeys.

It may seem that the male Capricorn-Apes all in life is given very easily. They are charming, intelligent, purposeful people, respected by others. Always benevolent and in a good mood, to see them in a bad mood is almost impossible.


Although deeply in the soul of doubts, they can quit work or leave the family for a long time, although they are very attached to close people. In a romantic relationship, they show characteristic inconstancy. Natural dexterity and ability to get out of any situation allows them to arrange a family life in the best way.